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Seven nights in Slovenia

EDITED: I will be in Slovenia for seven nights- June 23rd until the 30th, so I will have more time. I want to spend time hiking and enjoying the Soca River and Triglav National Park. I have planned to stay in Bovec for two nights and trying to figure out the next five nights. I can't figure out a plan, driving plan, etc. I prefer to not move around a ton and prefer to stay centrally located if possible. I fly out of Ljubljana on the 30th in the morning. I will have a car! The following are the things I want to do- can someone help me to organize the logistics of where I should stay and how to make this work. :)
1. Slap Pericnik Mojstrana
2. Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora
3. Beekeeping museum in Radovljica
4. Lipica Stud Farm (not a must)
5. Skocjan Caves
6. Lake Bled
7. Vintgar Gorge
8. Predajama Castle
9. Hiking in Triglav
10. activities on the Soca.
11. Piran

I am looking for some wonderful thoughts and ideas! :)

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I would suggest you look at the topography. and look for some hiking guides. Mt Triglev sits near the north end of a mountain range. Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Beekeeping museum, etc are east of the range and Bovec and the Soca Valley sit on the west side. Lake Jasna is north of Triglev. Four days sounds like a lot but is not if you are changing hotels much. And several hours will be spent getting back to Ljubljana for night 4 to be ready to fly out on the 30th. Pick one hotel between Kobarid (which has a fascinating small museum) and Bovec on the west side and explore from there on days 1, 2 and most of 3. Pick a hotel on the east side for night 3 to add some sights east of the range on day 4 and then head straight back for the flight. Have fun.

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It looks like you've eliminated Ljubljana entirely as part of the itinerary. Is that intentional?

Without trying to map it all out, I think you have too many things in the list, when taking into
account the driving between places and the likely summer crowds.

As previously noted, I would book lodging in a place where you can get to multiple items on
your list during a day trip.

You can spend a half-day easily just on the drive thru the Julian Alps, as an example of needing
to prioritize your list a bit, and leave some room for pad given the season.

I was told that the western part of Slovenia is too popular right now for the amount of
infrastructure they have, so best to get the lodging squared away and let that drive the
activity planning.

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It sounds like you would be better off NOT staying in Ljubljana.  Maybe a split stay in Kranjska Gora area and somewhere else near Licipa or Predjama area.