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Final Itinerary for 9 days in March

I know this has been posted a ton, and I've been scanning every single post! I have restaurants and driving tips down, I just want to make sure our route is okay. We're going for our honeymoon and have been on a Eurotrip before, but we want this super relaxed. We're going in March for 9 days. I wanted to make a big circle and start up top since we're coming from Venice. I don't want to drive all over the map and cross cut so I hope I planned this correctly!

My main questions are
1- Can you rent a car in Kobarid?
2- How does the itinerary look overall? We would rather stay in each town than drive 2 hours each day.

Day 1- Fly into venice
Day 2- Take a GoOpti to Kobarid and hopefully rent there. See Tomlin Gorge, Caporetto, Sleep in Soca
Day 3- Drive the Julian Alps route, visit Vintar Gorge, see Soca River
Day 4- Drive to Lake Bled and hike to Ostrica
Day 5- Bled Day 2
Day 6- Ljub- on way stop to see Jamnik church
Day 7- Ljub and see Postojna Caves (sleep in Piran?)
Day 8- head to Piran and see Predjama Castle- take ferry to Venice that night, somehow drop rental off
Day 9- Venice

Again, sorry for posting but it's getting closer and I wanted to book the awesome recomendations of hotels y'al posted in other chats!

Thank you!!

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Hi there. Kobarid is pretty small. I'm pretty sure you can't rent a car there (or not that you can drop elsewhere, or at some crazy price).

I would do it two ways:
1. Rent the car in Venice and keep it the whole time. Would be the most practical.
2. Rent the car in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Bled, Kranjska Gora, or Koper/near Piran). Rent in one place, drop in the other. Use GoOpti to get place to place if need be.

I'm not sure why you want to start in Kobarid. Why not start in Ljubljana? Take GoOpti there from Venice, get settled for a night and rent the car the next day. Drive to Bled, Soca Valley, Kobarid, Piran, and drop the car. (Not sure the Vrsic Pass will be open in March, so you may not be able to do the "Julian Alps" loop drive.)

Not sure how many nights you have in country (I organize itineraries by nights not days), but I'll assume eight. So you might do:

Ljubljana (2 nights)
Rent car
Bled (2 nights)
Kobarid (2 nights)
Drop car in/near Piran (Koper?)
Piran (1 night)
Take GoOpt back to Venice
Venice (1 night)

You could certainly reverse it (Piran to Ljubljana), but I'd prefer two nights without driving if possible - personal preference.

Not sure if you want/need the last night in Venice or not. Not sure what time your flight out is. If it is not super early, you could get GoOpti from Piran early back to the airport.

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You are fantastic, Andrew! I've been searching this group for weeks and I'm so thankful for that info! Now I'll book all the hotels and continue nailing down little details. Thank you so much! We wanted to start in Kobarid because it made sense as a circle to start at the top, but if we can't rent a car then that makes sense. Thanks again!