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Ferry Options - Venice to Piran, Slovenia

Hi to all; My wife and I are planning a trip for 5 weeks through eastern Europe in October '24. I've searched this topic and not found any really solid answers to my questions.

We plan to leave Venice on October 9th and were hoping to take a fast ferry over to start our next leg of the journey in Piran. The only information I can find on the ferries is a Kompas ferry departing Venice on Oct. 5th. There are various sites that talk about a once/week service etc, however no further detail or option seems available, and a few sites that do pop up do not allow you to test a booking due to some tech glitch.

We'd prefer a ferry option across as our route works well from Piran and we would like to spend a day or two there. I would appreciate feedback or additional information from anyone with knowledge or experience on this ferry route. It's almost as if the service stops at the beginning of October?

Thanks in advance.


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I've also been interested in this ferry route. I have no knowledge, but I think your idea that it stops in early October is probably right on the money.