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Extra nights in Bled or Ljubljana?

Eastern European Tour last half of June -- ends with 2 nights in Bled. Looking at extending by two or three nights. Interested in recommendation as to which one. Leaning towards Ljubljana as the tour is staying the last nights in Bled, and my train / plane(?) will depart from Ljubljana to Frankfurt at the conclusion. I understand that the tour does stop in the capital on the way to Bled, do not know for how long. Any suggestions as to specific hotels also welcome. Traveling solo, appears around $150 should get adequate accommodations. If this confusing, it's me, not you. I have read some of the older posts, but also interested in any new input. Thank you.

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I did the Adriatic tour last year which spends nights in Ljubljana with a stop in Bled, so opposite of what you're doing. I LOVED Ljubljana! I spent an extra night pre-tour and I would highly recommend spending a couple of nights there at the end of your tour. The town is super walkable and so beautiful. You also have the option of day trips from there to see some of the caves. I did not do this, but heard positive reviews from tour mates who really enjoyed their outings. I stayed at the tour hotel prior to the start of the tour, so I can't speak to anything outside of that, but it was nice. We stayed at the Hotel Mrak, which was fine, but was a little pricey in my opinion, especially as a solo traveler.

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We took the RS Adriatic tour last September. Ljubljana is our newest favorite city and we spent 4 nights. The two nights before our tour we stayed at the lovely Mescanka Apartment on the river. Affordable in comparison to Hotel Mrak (which was very nice). Mescanka is highly recommended by others on the Forum as well as RS. It is a very popular accommodation, but not a hotel. We enjoyed the vibe by the river. If interested it can be booked on

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I think Ljubljana is my favorite city in Europe: very small but extremely charming, not (yet!) super touristy, easily walkable. A student city with a great vibe. So, I'd choose to stay there.

Lake Bled is beautiful, but the town of Bled is nothing special in my opinion: a tourist town that is convenient for exploring the area. Not a bad place to stay, but I'd prefer Ljubljana. Another small town option nearby is the little town of Radovljica (the tour might pass through to visit the bee keeping museum, not sure) - a more charming alternative to the town of Bled I'd say.

If you wind up renting a car (recommended to see more but drop once you get to Ljubljana), consider the scenic drive between Bled and the town of Skofja Loka. Drive through the mountains via Kropa and Jamnik - lovely scenery, beautiful drive! (Narrow roads.) Skofja Loka itself is a charming town worth a stop, maybe even an overnight if you love small towns. It's an easy drive back to Ljubljana from Skofja Loka.

As far as airport proximity, Bled and Ljubljana are both fairly close to it, about the same distance, so that shouldn't be a big factor in choosing location.

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We're doing BoEE starting June 16. I wonder if we're on the same tour!