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Epidemic declared in Slovenia

An epidemic has officially been declared today after the number of cases doubled to 96 in two days. The border with Italy has been closed except for six checkpoints where travellers are being screened, all schools and universities close on Monday and a lockdown is expected in a matter of days. Countries need to act fast, the US included. It’s not wise to travel at this time. Stay safe, everyone.

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Thanks for the update. You stay safe, too.

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Thank you! I hope you and your community stay well. Yes, people need to stop traveling until the world can mitigate the spread of this virus.

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Thank you. We're quite sure that we will not be able to go in early June. I wish that everyone would avoid travel.

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When will Rick Steves make a updated statements concerning traveling. Will he cancel tour to Adriatic.

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You can keep up with the status of tours on the Coronavirus FAQ page here. Up to this point, all tours starting through April 19 have been canceled. Clients booked on tours departing from April 20 through the end of May can request re-booking or a refund. All of those dates may well change, depending on how the virus and relevant governments act.