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Eating My Way Across Slovenia -

Hello RS Members -

We arrive Slovenia 8/12 from Budapest where I am familiar with the food culture ( think: savory and sweet palacsinta; retesh; langos; pogacsa and so much more...)

What are the don't miss bites in Slovenia? Stuff you can find at a sausage stand? bakery? restaurant? food store?

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated...oh! you can toss in some local beverages to wash things down!

Thanks much!

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On Lake Bled, they talk up their Cream Slice, like a big Napoleon, and a few other pastry specials to enjoy with a coffee or tea; see p. 611 if you have Rick's Slovenia/Croatia book.

At Lake Bohinj, the most memorable meal I had several years back included local cheese and versions of polenta and yogurt or sour milk, both of which I like in normal circumstances; that may have been at

Ljubljana tends toward more modern restaurants.

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Thank you Laura - I've read about the cream cake.
Plan to do a lot of walking to have that fit into my diet!
(I'm coming from Paris and then Budapest which, to me, is second only to Paris when it comes to desserts - Hungary's kitchen in general is overlooked - and the desserts are wonderful - so Slovenia has a lot of work to do to meet those two places...but I am going to give Slovenia every opportunity to challenge!!!)

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I have tried Slovenian wine, liked it much, and am looking forward to trying more! Thanks for the heads up and link.