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DRD bus Venice Mestre to Ljubljana

Important update to this topic: we booked the DRD bus before leaving Canada, all seemed well. On the day, Saturday 29 September, the DRD bus (minivan actually, in poor condition) was late picking us up (3 passengers - myself and husband and gentleman from S. Korea). After lengthy arguments between driver/assistant and other passengers already in the van (in Slovenian I believe) some of the passengers got off, 3 remained. DRD bus then drove all the way back to Venice Mestre (from which we had just travelled) then to other areas inc cruise port eventually arriving some 2 hours later to a remote area where they dropped off orginal passengers, and waited until another vehicle picked them up before setting off eventually to Ljubljana. Only comment we got was “Ljubljana now”, and a laugh. Got the impression driver/assistant and original passengers were known to each other. One bathroom break then another stop for a smoke break (for them) as I asked them not to smoke in van.

Absolutely no concern for passengers, in fact highly amused and just shrugged off our concerns/questions. No English spoken or understood.

Seemed to be asking for our receipt for journey (which they had already seen), but I told them no, sorry I don’t understand you!

Was actually really concerned for our safety. Driver was constantly speeding, talking on his cell, cuddling up to her, drove the wrong way around a roundabout and generally driving badly.

Scheduled 3 hour journey took 5 hours plus. Very unprofessional business, I would not use, nor recommend anyone else to use, under any circumstances.

Sent an email to DRD 30 September, as of 4 October no reply.

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GoOpti is a super organization. I took them from Zagreb to Ljubljana and it was a perfect trip.

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Thank you for the information. We used FlixBus to go from Ljubljana to Zagreb 7 October, other than the bus running a little late (updates were sent to my phone but unfortunately the bus was still a little later than the update) everything was fine, the bus was clean, driver professional and good standard of driving. Would recommend FlixBus.

As an update to my original message, as of today October 21 I have not received a reply of any description from DRD. As previously stated I would not recommend using DRD under any circumstances.