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Christmas (Ornament) Shops in Ljubljana or Bled?

I know this might be a long shot, but does anyone know where I can find Christmas ornaments in Ljubljana or Bled in the summer? We will also be in Nova Gorica if there's anything there. Thanks!

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I don't remember seeing a Christmas shop in Ljubljana or Bled, and I've never been to Nova Gorica. Bled is quite small, and I don't think it would be able to support such a specialized shop. And to my knowledge Slovenia is not known for glass products (as opposed to Germany, for example).

I had a colleague who used to enjoy picking up locally-produced articles in Europe that were not actually Christmas ornaments but could be used as such. You might have luck in that regard. In addition to the Ljubljana shops, check out the craft stalls that set up near the market building in the old town (near the river). I can't remember whether they were there daily or just once or twice a week. There's also an art/craft market right along the river that was just once a week in 2015, on either Saturday or Sunday.

I found the Ljubljana tourist office folks very helpful during my stay there. They might have some ideas for you.

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In bled, at the castle, i purchased a hand made pottery bell w a sheeps face. (I had purchased very similiar angel bell in varenna) I also purchased a flat packed wooden tree with nativity figures around the base. Package was 6 by 4 inches, about a quarter of an inch thick. I probably paid about 15 dollars US maximum for any one of these items.

On a side note i highly recommend the castle. We ate lunch there.... breathtaking views, and a fine meal. Castle admission came w a discount for a meal that made for a free beverage.

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I don't think there are any shops that have any significant stock of Christmas ornaments out of season in any of the three towns. My favourite shop for Christmas ornaments is actually located in Italy, just across the border from Nova Gorica, but again only in season - in summer they stock garden and home decor items.

Otherwise, Pro-Mak in Ljubljana might have them, but I can't say for sure. They specialize in decorative items and decorating for events and businesses, incl. Christmas decorations, so it might be worth a try. Their store is located on Trzaska Cesta 135, by car just off exit 35 (Ljubljana-zahod) on the A1/A2 ringroad, by bus it's at stop Dolgi Most on route 6. You might find an antique ornament in Ljubljana's antique stores. Acraven mentioned glass products, there is a 400-year old glassworks in Slovenia that makes decorative crystal glass items based in the spa town of Rogaska Slatina, named Rogaska. It actually has a store right across the square from the Town Hall in Ljubljana. They might have some ornaments, too.

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Right on the main pedestrian street in Ljubljana I found many Christmas ornaments at a shop that only sold locally made items. I am sure the tourist office can direct you if you can't find it. Even in September we found a good selection of Christmas ornaments. In addition, they carried lovely small gift items and art works. We loved Slovenia; have fun!

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Thanks for all the ideas. Pro Mak in Ljubljana confirmed they have ornaments this time of year.