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cell phone that will work in Slovenia

Hello folks -- Family and I are traveling to Slovenia in a few months. We are also doing a few days in Prague and in Paris. I definitely want to make sure we have at least two cell phones, to keep in touch if we split up (and for other calls if necessary). What do you all recommend? (We have Virgin Mobile -- last I checked they have absolutely no way to use their US phone overseas).

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Open a T-MOBILE account. It's the cheapest and most inclusive package. Check their website, but I think it's 20 cent/min phone calls, free text and free data. I've used it from Istanbul to Moscow to London to Paris and Rome and a lot of points in between with no problems at all.

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I second the recommendation for TMobile. It's so easy. I get off the plane, turn on my phone and it works. All over Europe, and tons of other places too. Text and data are free. Calls at 20 per minute on cell network, free if you're calling over wi-fi.