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Can anyone give me information about three hotels in Ljubljana for my October stay?

The three hotels are: Myrak; Emonec; and Slamic: may I have some recent information about the quality and experiences with these sleeping places? Quietness, location, building noise, charm and friendlyness of staff? All three are recommended by RS in his book so I'm sure all are nice, but it would be helpful to me to get more subjective data to decide on which one to choose. I will not be driving. Thanks, bob

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In addition to asking here, I recommend also checking the reviews on

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Didn't stay at a hotel during last visit but a AirBnB but, familiar with the area.

Emonec you're right in the heart of the city and all the tourist activity, could be noisy on weekends or, during basketball season. The three bridges are right out side the door, lots of cafes and restaurants surrounding the area. No vehicular traffic around but, lots of pedestrians.

Slamic is further away from the central river area, about half-way between the train station and the downtown/tourist sections. The hotel sits on two thoroughfares and the surroundings are a bit gritty in that Eastern European/Communist way, safe area as it's the business district, just dreary. Much easier area to pick-up a cab or, schedule a car service and half-way to the train station. Oddly, there's an American BBQ-style place a few doors down the street called Hill BIlly's Smokehouse.

Not sure about Myrak...misspelling?

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We stayed at the Slamic. It was a few years ago, but my recollection is that it was fine, nice, I suppose charming enough enough with no issues, but not awesome or particularly memorable. I was perfectly happy there. No significant noise, it was clean, comfortable, and the locations was fine - close enough to the old center but not right in the thick of things. Do not recall anything about the staff.