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Bringing gifts

We are visiting a family in Slovenia that we don’t know very well. We would like to bring gifts from the USA and will not be checking our bags...any suggestions.

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Where are you from in the US? That might be helpful in offering recommendations.

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Not meaning to hurt Lia's feelings, but I wouldn't expect that a "large format" picture book of Ohio would be of huge interest to a family in Slovenia. How interested would you be in a picture book of Slovenia? Take the family out to dinner, buy them some wine and chocolates, buy tickets for a local sports event or concert for the youngest family members ...... anything fun and memorable.

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Something from the US which is not found in Europe. We buy small ceramic bison made here in SD - they cost $3 each and are small - about 2 in. Of course, there are few bison in OH, but who cares? Another US thing might be a small alligator.

Another one is coffee or chocolate.

What about a membership in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? He-he - just kidding.

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A small fridge magnet depicting Orville and Wilbur or showing state outline w flag, bird, etc?

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Thanks for all the suggestions. We took some candy from a local Ohio candy shop, picked up a bottle of wine and will send some more personal thank you gifts when we get home.