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Bled, Slovenia, Julian Alps, Trieste, Rovinj

I will be in Bled for a few days and want to drive through the Julian Alps. I then plan to head to Trieste then Rovinj. When going to Trieste and Rovinj will i be going through the Alps again or is there another way to get Trieste/Rovinj? I would rather break this out over 2 days and cover a different landscape.

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Did you try plugging destinations into a map website (eg Google Maps) and see what kind
of directions pop up?

For one thing, it's not clear if your Julian Alps drive is a one-day event all the way from
Bled back to Bled, or if you end up someplace else. That is a very long day, by the way.

I would say you should consider going to onwards to Trieste from the end of the Alps drive,
like when you hit Nova Gorica or something like that. Then onwards to Rovinj. Not go back to
Bled. But you can route through Italy from Bled/Kransjka Gora to get to Trieste and avoid the
Vrsic Pass again.

You are aware that you'll incur a potentially high dropoff charge if you rent in one country and
drop off in another? Also, highway tolls are covered in different countries in different ways
and you cannot count on the rental car company in Slovenia to have you covered for
paying tolls in Croatia, for example, so you need to do the research on that yourself.