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Bled Slovenia Altitude Activities

Don't know if there are any "horse people" on the forum, but it sound like a lot of you hike. Has anyone used Altitude Activities? I specifically am looking for horseback riding experiences but am interested in any experiences anyone has had with the company. We will be in Bled on the Trail of the Lippizaners tour in early September. Since I won't be able to ride at any of the Lippizan farms, this seems to be the only place to say I rode a Lippizan in Europe.
As always, thanks for your help and patience. I know I will have lots more questions before we leave.

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I will be interested in seeing if you get many responses. I will also be at Bled for several days in September and would love to get on a horse for a bit.

Which ride are you considering, and do you know that the meeting point is at Bled?

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I have never used the company, though their proposed routes seem lovely, especially the one that goes into the Radovna Valley. If all else fails, the namesake stud farm of the Lipizzans is just a 90-minute drive from Bled.

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We stayed at the mulej bled turist farm. They had horse rides available. It was about a one mile hike outside of bled

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Lola, I'm waiting for a response from Altitude about location. I won't have lots of time so will do either the 2 hr ride or 2 1/2 hr on either Sept 5pm or Sept 6am depending what's going on with tour activities. At home I usually ride for 1/2 hour, spend more time cleaning stalls, so those rides will be enough for my creaky joints. Questions and response are on Trip Advisors website.

Lipica Lippizan farm has 90 minute trail rides but our tour times are set. This looks a lot more intense on quality horses. You'll need your helmet, boots and breeches, none of which I'm taking.