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Best scenery and weather for a cycling holiday in NE Slovenia or Piedmont Italy

I am researching cycling trips for this summer. I am trying to choose between going to Piedmont Italy (beginning in Torino) for a wine and food tour or going to North East Slovenia for a wine and wellness tour.
Both trips are in July. Slovenia would be July 12 for 8 days and Piedmont would be either depart July 5 or 26th for 8 days.
I am wondering if any of you have information regarding weather or experience in either of these areas. Which might be prettier and cooler to cycle in at this time of year?
Thanks very much for your help! Jane

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I was in Maribor, Slovenia a couple of years ago (but in September) and I ran into some Americans at my hotel (otherwise, no Americans in town - very un-touristy). They were on one of these bike tours that sounds like what you describe. This is also a "wine country" in Slovenia. The towns are nice (Ptuj would probably be on your route, beautiful old town), but the countryside in eastern Slovenia isn't so pretty - it's fairly flat and a bit plain, not ugly just not eye-popping. Western Slovenia is much different and much more scenic.

You can check out the historical weather in July in both areas you are looking at on a site like weatherunderground.

I suspect Italy would be much more touristy in the summer than eastern Slovenia, in case you are looking for something a little more off the beaten path. I enjoyed my visits to Maribor and Ptuj - felt more exotic for sure than most other places I've visited in Europe - but of course I didn't bike it.