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Lake Bohinj or Kranjska Gora as a Base for Hiking/Sightseeing in/around the Julian Alps

A friend and I will be traveling to Slovenia for the first time in the fall. We are planning to spend 4-5 nights in/around the Julian Alps and are trying to decide on a base for hiking and sightseeing. We've narrowed down our options to two possibilities: Kranjska Gora or somewhere along Lake Bohinj. I would greatly appreciate the advice/input of Forum members. Thanks in advance!

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I would go for Bohinj as there you have so many options, from up to Triglav or many shorter hikes all around.

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Hi Dave,
First, you are in for a real treat! Slovenia is a stunning country full of friendly people.

I would recommend Lake Bohinj. It is beautiful and does have many opportunities . Kranska Gora is a bit more isolated and you are limited by the pass as far as quick access to Triglav Park. (If the pass is closed for any reason, it's a long loop around. Beautiful, but longer). It is also more of your classic tourist resort town - if that is your bent, then you might really like it. Personally, I prefer something a little less touristy.

We made the trip one day from Bled to Bohinj and stopped in a tiny little town for lunch. I wish that I could remember the name of the town. My husband had the best trout he's ever had!! That to say, any little stop you make is likely to be a pleasant surprise.

Enjoy your trip!

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And the winner is... Lake Bohinj. Ukanc, to be exact, for 5 nights. And... I'll be there for the Cows Ball! Thanks to astiskovski, Sarah, and scythian for their input.

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You have chosen wisely. My runner up would have been Kobarid.

Please hike the Slap Mostnice trail all the way to the end and stop at the restaurant just before the waterfall for food. Best hike I have ever done.

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Hi, Emily. Thanks for the response and the Slap Mostnice trail recommendation. I had seen a post of yours recommending a trail at Bohinj some time ago, but I couldn’t find it again. I’m glad to have the recommendation and plan to incorporate it into my itinerary.

My trip is a pretty leisurely one through Slovenia... so, I have 3-4 days in Dreznica, too (please forgive the lack of special characters... haven‘t figured out how to make them yet). I plan to hike the historical trail in Kobarid, Tolmin Gorge, and perhaps the Dreznica to Kobarid circuit, but I am open to suggestions there, too.