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Autumn trip 2017 for Slovenia

I'm heading to Slovenia (lake bled area) to see some fall color. I'm planning on being there at the beginning of October (I can change that to end of October if necessary) , is that too early?

Anything I need to know about driving in Slovenia? I'll be driving my own car from Switzerland.

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You will need to buy a vignette driving sticker to drive on Slovenian highways. (For Austria, too, if you plan to drive there.) Be sure to buy a vignette at the border before driving on Slovenian highways or you could get a steep fine!

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It's difficult to say whether early October is too early, the change of weather has come early this year with a much colder and rainier September than usual, so you may be lucky.

I guess you need to decide whether you want to risk everything being too green (early October) or too barren (late October), although in the latter case you can always move into the warmer areas of Slovenia - the Kras or Karst is particularly lovely with yellow and red vineyards and fields of bright red smoketree or ruj contrasting against the light grey limestone.

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I was just in Lake Bled two weeks ago and the leaves were just beginning to turn on some of the trees. I'm sure there will be some color at the beginning of hard to predict these things though!
You will need a Vignette for Slovenia...just pick one up at the border...plenty of places. We rented our car in Italy and it was very easy.
The roads in Slovenia were quite good! Speed cameras just like in Switzerland so just do what you would do at home. Other than that there was nothing of note about driving there.