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Are Slovenia's high trails passable in early May?

We will be in Slovenia the first week of May. I was really hoping to do quite a bit of hiking in the Julian and Kamnik Alps, but am getting worried that it's just too early. Can someone deliver the bad news? Thanks!

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What's your favorite weather app? It should give you a better idea of this season's conditions,... unless a local happens upon this question.
It's all about the snow pack.

For instance, if we don't get a 'March Miracle' in California (looking unlikely) Tioga Pass, at 3,031 m, could open as early as mid-April. Triglav, the very highest peak in the region is lower than that at 2,864 m. So after any dry winter, it could be expected that, as long as you don't want to tackle the summit, there'd be some hikable trails.

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Well Tioga Pass is much more to the south and when I was there in April several years ago there was about 10 feet of snow still there. I doubt that in early May high trails of Slovenia mountains will be free of snow unless is absolutely extraordinary year.

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Thank you both. I suppose I will have to content myself with the valley trails and waterfalls. Not a bad consolation prize I guess!