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Annacy to lake bled avoiding motorways and tolls.

We are traveling in a motorhome from lake Annacy in France and would like to avoid tolls and motorway, we have a large motorhome so small roads and high climbs are best avoided, has any one done this trip please , also what would the best camp site be near bled be ,thank you all

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Not easy, but you can look this up on:
If you just select Annecy (note spelling) to Bled it gives you:

Distance: 864 km including 813 km on motorways
Time: 09h10 including 08h07 on motorways
Costs: 199.81 € including Toll 112.40 €, Consumption 72.41 €, Road tax 15.00 €
(note fuel costs are for a normal car, you would pay more for a motorhome)

Under "options", if you then select "avoid tolls" and "avoid Vignettes" you get:

Distance: 909 km including 164 km on motorways
Time: 17h55 including 01h57 on motorways
Costs: 98.32 € including Consumption 98.32 €

Over twice the time. And that is still including some free motorways. And, that is taking you over some mountain passes via windy roads. The problem is that the Alps are in the way, The only way to avoid the Alps is to go all the way south to the mediterannean coast, but then you are still the wrong side of the mountains that follow the Italian coast. And you need to go over some hills to get out of Annecy, as it is in the Alpine foothills.

I think there is no alternative, either you go over windy mountain passes, or you pay the tolls and go on the motorways.

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Chris has given you a good explanation of the dilemma you're facing. I would just add that, if your goal is avoiding excessive costs, consider taking the motorways, but through Switzerland and Austria, where you would mostly be paying for vignettes (€40 in Switzerland, €10 in Austria and €15 in Slovenia) and the Arlberg Tunnel toll (€9.5).

Form Annecy get to Geneva, then take the A1 all across Switzerland to Austria, where you continue on the A14/S16/A12 towards Innsbruck. From Innsbruck, proceed south towards and into Italy on the easy regular road (182), avoiding the tolls on that section. Once in Italy, near Brixen, take SS49 past Bruneck and Toblach back into Austria, where you continue on road 100 past Lienz to Spittal and then take the motorway to Slovenia. The motorway tunnel to Slovenia is tolled (€8). You can avoid it either by going to Tarvisio in Italy and into Slovenia, past Kranjska Gora, through Jesenice and Sp. Gorje to Bled, avoiding the motorway vignette in Slovenia, too. This route would end up being somewhat cheaper than the Mont Blanc Tunnel and distance-based tolls through Italy, plus gas is cheaper in Swi., Aus. and Slov., too.

Note that if your motorhome is over 3.5 tonnes, it falls into the small trucks category and vignettes will be more expensive, in which case it will probably end up being cheaper going through Italy. Regular motorhomes (under 3.5 t) are considered personal vehicles when it comes to tolling in Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, so the toll estimates provided will be accurate.

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Thank you Chris and Dejan for your replies really helpful and we are adjusting our journey from your advise regards georgette