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50 minutes Enough time for Layover to Ljubljana?

I will will be flying in to Barcelona BCN from San Francico SFO for 3 nights on the way to Ljubljana for the Adraitic tour.

When I fly out of Barcelona BCN ( Air France) I have a 50 minute layover in Paris CDG and then connecting to a Air France (operated by Regional) to Ljublana LJU

Seems tight time wise if I have to go through immigration or customs in CDG or if the plan gets delayed in Barcelona. I have only a carry on if that helps.

The other option is the earlier Air France flight with a 4.5 hour layover in Paris. Seems like I have ansered my own question.

any recommendations greatly appreciated.

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Liam, as much as I hate long layovers, I think I would opt for the flight that leaves enough time to not be rushed. I don't think knowing I only had 50 minutes would make for a comfortable flight for me. I'd be worried the entire overseas flight. There are just too many variables out of your control that could cause you to miss your connecting flight. Why start your trip stressing out?

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I would not take on a layover that short at CDG. I probably wouldn't do it anywhere except Reykjavik. I'd go with the 4.5 hour layover. That's not that bad.

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Hi Liam --
I can't imagine that in the best of times 50 minutes would be enough at CDG. I have several times in the past had 2 1/2 hours be barely enough ... and then they were taking us out of line to make our flight. I would opt for the earlier flight out of Barcelona and enjoy stretching my legs and a nice coffee at the airport.
Sounds like a great trip, esp. if you are spending time in Barcelona. I have long had the Adriatic Tour on my radar ... you just gave me a great idea for a "before!"

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There wouldn't be immigration from a flight arriving from Spain I wouldn't think. I took a flight from Amsterdam through Paris to Ljubjana back in 2014. Looking at the website the flights from Barcalona arrive into 2F just like the one from Amsterdam. You take a short bus to go to 2G. The bus runs constantly, so it didn't take long when I did it last year. Maybe a minute or two waiting for the bus and about 2 minutes drive to 2G. Also 2G was fairly small and the security line went quick.

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Thanks everyone for their comments.

Just to be on the safe side I scheduled the earlier 6:45 am flight from Barcelona which means hanging out in CDG for 4.5 hours.