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Wine Tasting in Skalica, Slovakia

We just returned from a lovely week in Slovakia, and ended it with a wine tasting in Skalica, which is located in the western part of the country, and only about an hour from Bratislava. Skalica is right across the border from the Czech Republic. It was 'Open Cellars' weekend, when we arrived (the last weekend in October) and over 3,000 people were attending this event. It was too late for us to get tickets, so we were only attending a friend of a friend's winery. The owner of the winery, Michael, arranged for us to have lodging in his sister's apartment, which was only a few minutes walk from his winery, which is where he and his family also lives. The evening also included joining in a very tasty snack of goulash, which was made by the vintner! He has 1,000 vines planted, and his red wine was so delicious, and his white wine was also tasty, so tasty that my red wine making husband said "this is so good, I could become a white wine drinker"! We were also amazed at how quaint the town was. We attended Mass on Sunday morning in a beautiful (standing room only) church, with a full choir singing, that was constructed in 1472. The coffee shop across the street had the best green tea that I have ever had. And the presentation made you feel special. We had lunch at a local restaurant - homemade chicken soup with delicate noodles (just like homemade) bacon wrapped pork medallions with grilled veggies. Portions were large, the flavor was great, and the price was amazing low. But the food prices throughout Slovakia were all below what you are used to paying in the surrounding countries, and the USA. What a delightful way to round up our trip! I checked this Forum, but I did not see anything about this area of Slovakia, so check out the Skalica wine growing region when you are planning a trip to Slovakia - especially you wine enthusiasts out there!

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I can only add my recommendation, too. Skalica is a pretty historical town and good wine all around. Right across the border is Straznice wine region, hard to say what's better there, if wine or traditional folk music and folk songs, of course a lot of songs are about wine. Since the Czech Republic and Slovakia split 25 years ago, the public transportation between Skalica and Straznice is not as good as it used to be. I usually solve the problem by taking taxi to the next village on the Czech side - Sudomerice. Taxi costs 5 Euro and from Sudomerice there are many buses and also trains. If you one day find yourself in Skalica and want to see the most picturesque wine cellars anywhere (IMHO) go to Petrov (the village between Sudomerice and Straznice). The wine cellars are called Plze (read Plzhe). Google Plze in Petrov. Not only the cellars are beautiful, the wine in them, too.

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I have recently visited Skalica too and I can totally agree. Prices were just great, historical centre of the city, nice church and all that relaxing envirnment. I came back well-rested.