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Thanks from me, too, Ilja. What glorious pictures! I'm ready to go......

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I'm with Andi! Gorgeous pictures!

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This is spot-on! Thanks for this tongue-in-cheek photo essay. So much fun to view your photos and realize that my husband and I have been to nearly every destination you included. Seriously, folks: DO visit Slovakia! It is amazing and affordable.

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I guess my next never-visit trip to Hungary will have to include the don't-go-to Slovakia.

Thanks for sharing. It's not on my radar as of today.

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I don't click through so I haven't seen the content.

I've also been all around Slovakia but never visited.

Since I rely on you as regular member of the helpline I will take your advice. I don't know what's wrong with the place but I certainly can happily spend extra time in Germany and Austria.