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Transportation Notes for Trenčin Area

We just got back from a whirlwind trip of Austria, Hungary & Slovakia. We stayed 2 nights in the spa town Trenčianske Teplice to watch our DD's orchestra concert. It was difficult finding info. about how to get here and had to wing it. Now that we've successfully done it, here's some info. on Trenčianske Tepla (TPA), Trenčianske Teplice (TT), & Trenčin.

We took the train from Šturovo up to TPA, transferring in Bratislava. TPA is a small, but very clean, nice station. Bathroom attendant keeps WCs sparkling. (€0.40)

Not sure how we would get to TT on arrival, but lucked out that it was on a Slovakian holiday. I knew from YouTube videos in Slovakian that there could be an electric tourist train going to TT, and there was! I think it runs in the summer and at Christmas. Had to wait 40 minutes or so, but it was very cute with lots of excited little kids on it. You buy the ticket on the train, not at the station for €1.50. Felt like we were on a Thomas Tank Engine ride. Train attendant sells little souvenirs after the ride.

Unfortunately, I don't have a schedule for this train, but I don't think it runs that frequently. We couldn't take it back down because the first one going back from TT to TPA on a Sunday was at 11:00 which was too late. I will reply post about alternatives. Glad we did it, but not sure I would count on it to get to TT without better info.

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Finally, since we left on a Sunday busses were not running regularly and we missed what we needed to get back to TPA. Thankfully there was a lady who spoke English and we decided to go to Trenčin to catch the same train one stop down to get back to Bratislava since we would miss catching it in TPA.

Moral of this story is it's probably best to book train tickets to Trenčin and take the 20 or so minute bus ride to TT because it's the bigger station with reliable bus service right behind the station. Glad it worked out for us, but it could have been very problematic because of our lack of understanding about how things work.

Hope this information helps!

P.S. I'm not a regular on this forum so will monitor responses for a week or so, but will not be on for the long term to respond to questions.

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Somehow my second post got deleted when I edited it.

The Trenčin region has a very good, modern bus system. There are red & blue busses. We took a bus down to Trenčin to see the castle & town (worthwhile 1/2 day) and got off at the Trenčin Hasičská stop - one stop down from the train station (stanica).

The website/app in Slovakian: Found out after we got home if you hit Viac in lower right corner, you can switch to English (we managed in Slovakian!). The connection icon is where you put to/from and click the magnifying glass. It will pull all the busses, but make sure it's actually starting from where you are because it will list alternate towns too. It also has how long you have to wait for the bus. Blue busses are in blue and red are in red.

Click on the bus number and you can see all the stops on the route between where you're starting and ending. All in all, it's a great system.