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Train Tickets

Could anyone tell me when I would be able to book train tickets from Madrid to Barcelona on September 18th. Yes, I know that is two months away but I have made all the others arrangements (hotel, guides, restaurant recommendations, etc.) and wanted complete the plans. On their website it is possible to buy tickets through Sept. 12. which has been the case for over two weeks. I had assumed that the latest date would have changed by now but it has continued to be the 12th. I'm not especially worried that we won't get tickets just curious how their system works. Thanks!

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I don't know about dates but want to reassure you that you will be able to get ticket. European trains because of size and frequency rarely sell out so you will have no problems getting a ticket. The only thing that changes over time is the discount tickets. Those tend to sell early but there will always be tickets available.

Curious - why post this in the Slovakia section when you are traveling in Spain? You really should delete this posting and put it in the proper section - Spain.

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You may be hitting a time slot where they are changing schedules and the new ones haven't been posted yet. I would check every day just so you get first shot at the best discount.

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I am also curious what made you to put this question under Slovakia. Madrid and Barcelona are pretty far from there.

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My apologies! I posted quickly and didn't realize I posted under the wrong country. I wondered why I never saw it in the Spain section. Thanks for the answers though!