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Train from Budapest to Bratislava

Hi all,

Just have a couple of questions about the train from Budapest to Bratislava....

We plan to travel to Bratislava from Budapest by train on a day trip and need to know the following....

  • Can you purchase the tickets on the day of travel?
  • Is it cheaper to pre book them prior to the day or is it the same price to buy them on the day?
  • Do you have to nominate which train you will be traveling on, or is the return ticket open to use any train on the day of travel?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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First question: Yes
Second question: Usually the same price
Third question: you can use any train. If you reserved seat then understandably to have that seat you have to use that particular train.

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All the answers above are correct. We purchased our ticket the day before as we were leaving early and the process for buying the tickets took some time. We were travelling, however, during the refugee crisis last fall, so the concern about the time it took to purchase a ticket may not exist now.