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Slovakia Questions

Hello, We are traveling in early September to a few countries & have some inquiries about Slovakia I'm hoping someone can assist. In your opinion is better to take a train or bus from Budapest to Bratislava? We have 3-4 days in Slovakia - would it be best to rent a car to drive to the different destinations we want to see or should we use the train although from my research it doesn't seem as if it goes to as many places we may want to see?? What would be the top 10 things you would recommend to see? We have so many places picked out & trying to figure out the most efficient way to see them all, any advice would be so appreciated on an itinerary. Last question - at the end of our trip we are traveling to Vienna from Bratislava - would it be best to do so by bus or train. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for whatever information you can provide!

I should mention we are interested in seeing everything from the caves, to the wineries, wooden folk house villages, hiking in the mountains, castle ruins.

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I'd use the train for Budapest-Bratislava (good no-change options at 2-1/2 hours) and Bratislava-Vienna (1 hour), though I don't know why the bus wouldn't work. I think there are occasional express buses between Budapest and Bratislava that are about as fast as the train. I suppose I'd also consider the location of my hotels vis-à-vis the train stations and bus stations. And of course buses are usually at least a bit cheaper than trains.

You can check the Deutsche Bahn website for train schedules. For buses I often just Google "bus Budapest to Bratislava" and click on the likeliest looking link. You can also use Rome2Rio.

I can't help with sightseeing tips because I'm just now planning my own trip to that area. I know James E has commented on the beauty of the countryside in Slovakia, which might argue for use of a car in that area. I have the impression that Bratislava itself doesn't necessarily require too much time.

There are few enough posts here in the Slovakia forum that I would definitely read back through all of them for at least the last year.

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From Budapest to Bratislava I would take train. More comfortable. Slightly more expensive than bus. Usually faster. 3 to 4 days in Slovakia. IMHO not enough to be able to see what you want. I don't know when you are going to be there. I assume summer. With so little time one option would be to see near surroundings of Bratislava. Castle Devin on confluence of river Morava and Danube. Cachtice Castle - google it to read interesting and dark story about its history. Trencin castle. Little wine towns near Bratislava: Pezinok, Modra, Svaty Jur. Hiking in Small Carpathians. If it's hot and you want to swim go to nearby Senec with its lakes. All touristy infrastructure there.
If you rent a car you can go around all Slovakia. Choose caves out of this: . Wineries - wine towns already mentioned. Wooden folk house villages: Vlkolinec, Cicmany. Hiking in the mountains - nothing beats High Tatras. Castle ruins: Spis Castle - huge. Orava Castle - not ruins but very impressive castle.
Your options to get from Bratislava to Vienna: bus about 1 hour, 3 to 10 Euro. Train about 1 hour about 10 Euro, ferry about one and half hour. Price changes quite often, inquire there.

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Ilja- Thank you for responding! I just saw this. We will be there in early September. I did just make another post with questions about specific regions as well. I will look at the link regarding caves - thank you for sending!! I appreciate your advice. It's so overwhelming as there is so much to see.