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Short visit to Bratislava

i have a friend that wants to get away for a couple of evenings. I've been coming to Budapest on a regular basis for 20 years, but because of the mixed reviews never visited Bratislava. I noticed that the reviews have improved considerably over the last 10 years so maybe its time to visit.

I am feeling lazy. So, I need recommendations.

17 June, Monday
I would arrive in Bratislava by train from Budapest about noon.
So i need a nice hotel. Something unforgettable, but very well located for the afternoon and the next day.
I need a plan for the afternoon

18 June, Tuesday
Need a plan for the day.

19 June, Wednesday
I will depart by on Wednesday morning. With DayTrip the stops that are offered are:
- Devin castle. Never been. The stop is one hour?
- Pannonhalma Archabbey (been before, but I love and my traveling companion has never been, so .... But worth more than a one hour stop .... but still tempting
- Komarno, Slovakia. I have been to the Hungarian side. That was facinating. Never been to the Slovak side. Good stop for lunch and just to see the center.
- Esztergom. Great city. Worth a lot more time than a one hour stop, so I will save it.
- Brunszvik Castle. Dont know anything about it. What little I have read doesnt light my fire. But maybe someone can change that?

I only want one stop, as someone has to go to work in the early afternoon and we just dont have more time.

Also need food, wine, beer, music .......

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Mr E,
If you want to take a train to Trencin it would be well worth your time. Beautiful castle and old town. The Roman's had a camp there as well.

Good luck,


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Thank you gw52fire, I will look at it.

I just bought my train tickets from Budapest to Bratislava. Two 2nd class seats, with seat reservations for a total of $34.51. Arrive about 1pm.

And got my room at the Arcadia Boutique Hotel.
Next is the reserviation. I have decided to stop in Gyor and the Pannonhalma Archabbey. Both repeats but that works well with something new (Bratislava). DONE.

Now I need a plan for the day and a half that i am there.

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I would definitely visit the Nedbalka Gallery. The building is interesting even if you are not strongly into modern art.

I enjoyed wine tasting at the Grand Cru Wine Gallery. We bought a couple of bottles.

Otherwise we walked around, had a nice dinner, and took a boat ride up to Devin Castle.

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Okay, I'm here. Second day here.... ehhhhhh.

I need details! (please)