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I have wanted to go to Cicmany since 2016, when I discovered the adorable looking village is the birthplace of my husband's grandfather. I am planning a trip for next May. We were planning on a day trip from Vienna to Bratislava and then moving on from Vienna to Prague.

Instead, we will spend the night in Bratislava. I am going to hire a guide to pick us up in Bratislava, drive us to Cicmany for the day. Then in late afternoon, transport us to Puchov to catch a 6 pm train to Prague. I am hoping the guide will be able to do some translation for us, so that we can interact with the locals. There are people living there today with my husband's last name, so maybe we will have a chance to speak with one of them.

Has anyone been to Puchov? Other than Rome2Rio, what is the best website for Slovakian train schedules?

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Normally if you keep clicking through Rome2Rio's website you will eventually reach a link to the company operating the transportation you are considering. That should include the Slovak rail company.

The Seat61 website also lists information sources: . This seems to be the website you want: