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Prague to Budapest to Eger, then to other places in Slovakia, or on to Poland?

I had originally planned a 3 week trip starting in Prague, including Kutna Hora, Konopiste, Cesky Krumlov, then to Bratislava and on to Budapest. Then I had planned to go to Eger, then head up to Poland. But once I started reading about some of the places in Slovakia, now I'm wondering if we should skip Poland this trip and include places in Slovakia such as Kosice, Spis Castle, The Tatras, Presov, Levoca, Banska Bystrica, Banska Stiavnica, Bojnicky...even Trencin Castle and Cicmany. They all sound so interesting! I'm wondering why Rick didn't include more of Slovakia in his book.

If any of you have traveled that area in Slovakia, please give me your opinion on places we shouldn't miss. And if we were to visit a lot of those places, how much time do you think we need for Slovakia? We have 3 weeks total. I have the first 9 or 10 days taken up with Czechia and Budapest. Would you move on to Poland after Budapest and Eger, or stay for a while in Slovakia, even if that means leaving off Poland this trip? Or, can we see that area of Slovakia and still make it to Poland? We are not big museum people, and we actually like smaller places rather than large cities, although we want to see the important ones. I know going in May means we won't be hiking in the mtns., so we would just want to drive through that area and see what we can.

Thank you so much for any suggestions you can give me!

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I've been to Slovakia a number of times. I am ashamed to say, despite that, I havent seen to much of the country. I travel to Slovakia for fishing so I tend to stay a bit focused on where I go. I can tell you that I have been to Kosice, Spis Castle, The Tatras, Presov, Banska Bystrica and Banska Stiavnica and it is beautiful country. Better than Poland? No idea, never been to Poland. Its closer, so you will save on travel time, for what that is worth. I'll send you a link to some photos that might give you some insight. Both places are great "see them now before the tourists ruin them places".

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Thank you, James. I keep reading a lot that Slovakia is really pretty, so I'm now planning to see at least part of the area that you mentioned above. We will be going in May 2020, and I've read that hiking in the Tatras is closed until June 15th. Since we won't be able to hike, can you tell me if there is a particular drive through the mountains? Or how can you best see the beauty of that area? We will have a car.

If anyone else also has information on how best to see the Tatras without being able to hike, please let me know.
I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions.