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Kosice Christmas Market


I'm currently based in Warsaw, and want to travel abroad to a slightly off the beaten path Christmas Market. The flights to Kosice for the weekend I'm thinking about are cheap, but I haven't been able to find much info on the Christmas Market. Is it big? When does it start? Is it worth visiting?

If not, any other Christmas market ideas that are a quick train/ flight from Warsaw?

Others on my list are:

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If you are looking for an off the beaten part Christmas Market, Nürnberg is probably the worst possible choice. I've never been to Kosice, so I don't know much about it. But Tallinn sounds like a good choice.

If you really want to go off the beaten part I can recommend a couple of Swedish Christmas markets, Sigtuna or Östersund. The latter is held in an open air museum just outside the town which, depending on where you are staying, can be walking distance but can also require a short bus ride. Or you can take a steam train to the market for some added atmosphere.

Östersund last year:

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A simple google search got me this website about Kosice Christmas Market. It looks like a really lovely Christmas market and I'm adding it to my list of possible markets for a future trip.

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Have you considered any Polish Christmas markets? I'm sure you can see a lovely one in Krakow, among other cities.