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International driver's license

I will be traveling by car for a few days next month in Slovakia, renting from Bratislava. I am finding conflicting information on whether or not I need an International Driver's License, specifically because it doesn't translate into Slovak anyway. Anyone out there know for sure? I appreciate any insight!

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I would get it. It is cheap. It is better to have it and not need it than the reserve. And to be exact, it is a International Driver's Permit used in conjunction with your state driver's license. Got to have both.

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I would get one. Your local drivers license will not be of much help in a foreign country. It is relatively inexpensive and good insurance.

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It's very easy and cheap. I just got an IDP for Italy. Go to AAA. The ones in Phoenix didn't require an appointment. I downloaded and completed the form at home. They took the pictures for a small fee. It took all of 20 minutes and I left with my IDP.

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We are going to Slovakia later this month and will be driving too. What I found out is you don't need IDP to rent a car in Slovakia, but if you are stopped by police on road, you need to show IDP plus your state driver license.

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or have an accident. Or the person renting the car applies the law rather than gets you behind the wheel as soon as they can.

It is the law.