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family fun in the snow for christmas

Living in Italy for a couple of years, my wife and I have done quite a bit of traveling the world the past 25 years and I am always looking for those not so infamous places, so in my research Slovakia and the high Tatras in particular came across my radar. We now have an 11 year old son that is getting a life lesson in travel from two OLD backpackers, so definitely need to keep him entertained and interested, hoping for some good snow, maybe take him on some easier ski slopes or at the least tobaggoning or something of that order. Would appreciate some places that people have been to and would go back or reccomend,[hotels,resorts,restaurants,etc.].

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High Tatras is a very good choice. The highest elevation resort is Strbske Pleso (1350 meters above sea level). The likelihood of snow in this elevation despite global warming is still very good. There are plenty of accommodations. I strongly recommend Grand Hotel Kempinski right on the lake shore with jagged alpine peaks behind the lake. The view is incredible. The services fantastic. They will do anything for you. After skiing, snow sledding, etc. you can swim in their indoor pool with chandeliers above you and floor to ceilings windows with views of jagged peaks. True, the hotel is somewhat spendy but you get what you paid for and then some. The best hotel (and not the most expensive) I ever stayed in.

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For easy ski slopes and great winter hiking I recommend Štrbské Pleso mountain resort. Beautiful small village located in High Tatra mountains over a post-glacial lake. It's easily accessible by car or Tatra eletric tram. There is an exciting trail leading to Skok waterfall, and if you're experienced hiker, you may venture forth to climb Bystra Lavka pass.
Also, Stary Smokovec region is great for mountain hikers, as there are many trails nearby and Tatranska Lomnica ski resort.
High Tatras are divided between Slovakia and Poland. The highest peaks are in Slovakia, but Poland has got lots of interesting hiking options too.

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Thank you everyone for your replies. We settled with the Grand Hotel Bellevue mainly because of availability, but I am sure it will be just fine. Strbske Pleso seems only a short train ride away to spend all day there and try there skiing. Besides, finding things on your own is part of the experience right. Happy holidays everyone and thanks again for your replies..