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Eastern Slovakia UNESCO Wooden Churches and Villages

I have read so much about the wooden churches of Eastern Slovakia which were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The churches are in Hervartov, Kezmarok, Lestiny, Hronsek, as well as Bodruzal, Ladomirova and Ruska Bystra. Small villages I am sure, around the Kosice and Presov areas of Eastern Slovakia.
Years ago I visited the beautiful town of Bradejov, which is about an hour or so south of Krakow. Now I want to visit the historic 300+ years old wooden churches. Researching, I see that Kosice in eastern Slovakia is an easy flight from Vienna on Austrian. How easy is it to rent a car in Kosice and book hotels in the region? Trip Advisor has good reviews with Hilton Doubetree in Kosice and Hotel Torysa near Presov (Sabinov I think). I know lodging is limited outside the Tatras area.
Anyone ever tour the wooden churches and the Andy Warhol museum in Medzilaborce? I was considering a late Spring visit. Many thanks!

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My husband and I toured the wooden churches in the east and other parts of Slovakia in 2012. We arrived in Kosice by train from Hungary and then rented a car from a private individual who was highly recommended on Trip Advisor. He was wonderful to deal with. He even took the train to Poprad to pick up the car from us at the end of our time in Slovakia. We had no trouble making hotel reservations on We have some great memories from that trip. One B&B owner could speak no English. He would call his girlfriend, she would talk to us and then she would translate for him. At the time, there was some information on Slovakia in a Rick Steve's book. Probably Eastern Europe guide. We used the Bradt Travel guide to Slovakia. Full of great information. Published in 2007, but it was the only good guide I could find at the time.

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Ellen- Thank you for the response about your experience in Eastern Slovakia. I can't wait to go back. A wonderful hidden gem. Happy New Year!

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Hi! We were in Krakow Poland and drove to see the churches of Eastern Slovakia. It was a day I will never forget. These ancient wooden churches have stood for hundreds of years in fields, by the sides of roads, and in neighborhoods. They are incredibly beautiful. Most of them are locked and you will have to find the key holder. Many times there is a phone number posted - or directions to a house up the hill where the key can be found.
It is astonishing that while many UNESCO sites are crowded with tourists, these simple wooden churches stand waiting for visitors. There are treasures to be found inside! From the painting on the walls to the alters, they are just so beautiful. Breathtaking. And to think one townsman/woman holds the key to let you in! One of the churches seemed to be in the backyard of a home and the schoolchildren were running through it. To think that people can live among such wonders.
There are so many of these churches that it is impossible to see them all! Just concentrate on the more well known of them (there are websites) and the ones you can get inside.
The drive from Krakow was not terribly far and we spent time in Bradejov as well. Also a UNESCO town, it is just lovely as well.
This is a very culturally rich part of the country and not to be missed! And Krakow is incredible as well.