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Driving options from Bratislava to Zilina

Hello, does anyone have any thoughts about these 2 driving options from Bratislava to Zilina? I'm considering taking the longer route through Bojnice (road is marked 64 on the map) to see the Bojnice castle. Or should I take the more direct route (marked D1) through Trencin? I would like to see some scenic attractions on the way to Zilina if possible but I also don't want to get too sidetracked on very long, winding roads just to see one castle since I plan on seeing other castles while I'm in Slovakia. What are your thoughts? Can someone list some possible side attractions on both routes that I could see easily on the way?

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It all depends what would you like to see and what are your interests. Road 64 would take longer, it's more scenic, especially north of Prievidza. Of course roads are usually more scenic than freeways (not to say that that particular freeway is not scenic). On road 64 you want to stop in Prievidza and see the castle Bojnice in Bojnice right next to Prievidza. Then you would like to see village Cicmany - folk wooden architecture. Turn from the road just before Fackov and after Nitrianske Pravno.
Then just before Zilina you can stop in small spa town Rajecke Teplice.
Or if you decide for freeway you can stop in Piestany, the biggest and most famous spa town in Slovakia. . After that you can get off freeway in Nove Mesto nad Vahom and visit nearby castle Cachtice where infamous bloody countess once lived and committed bloodthirsty murders. . Then stop in Trencin and visit its castle high above the old town. Of course there is much more to see on both routes but these examples could easily fill your day. If you want to learn more about your stops read the above websites or better yet google them.