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Driving from Vienna To Bratislava

We arrive in Vienna and planned to immediately drive to Bratislava, arriving around 8 p.m. that evening and leaving by 1 p.m. the next day to go back to Austria (quick trip just to see the highlights in Bratislava). At first, our car rental company was fine with this. Now, they are charging an extra $50 for permission to cross the border. Is there an opportunity to leave our car in a car park on the Austrian side and take a taxi/bus/Uber to Bratislava and back? I hate to pay $50 for less than 16 hours in the country. Thanks for the help!

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I would rent a car after return to Austria and save even more than $50. There is an excellent public transport between Schwechat Airport and Bratislava. It does not make sense to park at the border and pay for parking plus rental.

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Why are you renting a car? Take the bus from the airport direct to the center of Bratislava. So much easier and cheaper. You are really going to be frustrated with a car in a city like Bratislava as well.

Get back to Vienna by bus again and rent a car at that point, if you are venturing out of Vienna immediately.

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I just dove that route a few weeks ago and the traffic is terrible...lots of trucks, road work, etc. Take public transport to Bratislava and back, then rent the car when u get back to Austria.
Just so you know. it is common for rental companies to charge a cross-border fee to take a rental car into another country.