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Day trips Bratislava in August 2020

Hi all!

I will be in Vienna for six nights starting next week. I was a planning a day trip to Bratislava, but now thinking of spending the entire timen Vienna (it now seems like such a short time), and going to Bratislava for a night or two afterward. Aside from wandering around the town, what day trips might you recommend from Bratislava using public transportation (with the exception of Vienna, of course (-:)

Thanks in advance!

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We found Bratislava to be a boring 2 night trip from Vienna unless you want to add to your country list. In that case make it a day trip by bus or train. There are lots of other close places to spend several days-Melk, Budapest even Chesky Krumlov.

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Agree. We spent one night there. It was a nice enough day, interesting place, nothing spectacular. Cesky Krumlov was more interesting. A day trip would be enough. If it fits into your schedule I would go, but I wouldn’t go out of my way.

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I too would spend day trips from Vienna in another direction. I would go along the Danube Valley to the Wachau — Melk and other towns along the river, stay two or three nights, do some bike riding and take some boat trips. Out to the countryside outside Vienna to, where the heuriger are, although I don't know if they're open in August.

Bratislava is okay as a day trip but not overly interesting.

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I second Kim's suggestion and comments - that would definitely be more interesting. Bratislava is worth a day at most, but it was a worthwhile day, and I coupled it with a boat ride on the Danube to return to Vienna at the end of the day.

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Thanks so much for your replies.

I spent a wonderful 10 days in Vienna. I took a train to Bratislava for the day and arrived in time to take a walking tour around the center. I found it somewhat disappointing that there are few residents living there, and most buildings are now occupied by banks and embassies, but it was nice enough. I went off on my own afterward, and had lovely time walking outside of the center. I found a lovely park, did some photography and took an early evening bus back to Vienna.

I also did the trip to Melk, with a trip down the Danube to Durnstein and Krems. I hoped off at Durnstein, but wanted more time on the river, so got back on when the boat returned from Krems, took it upstream to Spitz, and then back to Krems, giving me a lovely three and one-half ride. It was perfect.

I loved Vienna, so much that I extended my six night stay to 10, and hope to return in the future. Lovely, vibrant, beautiful city.

Happy travels!