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We have recently discovered that my husband's grandfather is from Cicmany. Has anyone been there? Any suggestions on how to get there from Bratislava? His last name is still listed in the current phone book of the 204 residents

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Pretty remote town. A car would get you there.

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If you for some reason don't want to deal with a car rental, suggests that you can get a bus to either Ilava (possibly closer and a bit more frequent) or Nitrianske Pravno. There's also rather frequent train service to Povazska Bystrica, which is farther away. In all cases you'd need a taxi for the last leg, so you'd need to find out the taxi situation and have a telephone number on hand.

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Cicmany is known for its famous folk architecture. Google it. There are several options how to get there by public transport. By train to Zilina or Povazska Bystrica or Prievidza. Then by bus. You can find schedule for trains and buses here: