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Bus from Vienna to Bratislava?

I'm hoping someone will see this... :)

I am going to Vienna next week, and I've often thought a day trip to Bratislava would be a fun little detour, however, train tickets seemed to be near 40 euros round trip, which seemed a little expensive for an afternoon in Bratislava. However, I just briefly was looking into the bus. Seems like it may be 18 euro? More reasonable. However, I don't really want to book ahead and lock myself into a particular day. Should I expect the cost to go up much if I buy a ticket the day of?

Has anyone ever taken the bus from Vienna to Bratislava? It looks like I can get on at U3 station Erdberg and get off at the UFO thingy.

They use the Euro in Slovakia, right? :)

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Yes, Slovakia does use the euro currency. Although one-way train prices range from €16-21, the roundtrip price seems to be more consistently €30 per person, if you book the return trip at the same time. Bus is also a reasonable option and does not take any longer. I would not expect the fares to be any higher on the day of travel.

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I've done this and you have it right. Bus is much better than the train as the UFO bridge is central; the train station is a good distance from the center. I am not certain of the cost, but it won't be more at the ticket office. Personally, I am not a huge fan of Bratislava. Euro, yes.

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Thanks everyone! Very helpful! I'm about to leave for the airport for my trip. Eek!