Bratislava Day Trips

We are going to be on a river cruise from August 21 - September 05. There is a stop for 1 day in Bratislava, Slovakia with free time. What would be the best use of that free time in Bratislava? Thank You.

Posted by Chuck
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I'd suggest taking a short bus ride to the ruins of Devin Castle. Situated at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers, I thought it was very striking.

If your cruise is coming from Vienna, you'll see the ruins shortly before you see Bratislava Castle.

While in the town, see how many of the odd statues you can spot!

Posted by Barbara
Brooklyn, NY
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Will let you know, we are going there for 2days next Sunday

Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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When I once visited Bratislava for a day, I was happy enough just wandering the old town. Here's a Bratislava article by Rick. Bratislava is covered in a chapter in his larger Eastern Europe book, but doesn't appear in any other book. The Tourist Office distributes free guides with map and leads walking tours at 14:00 in summer (€14). Right by the main square, visits to the Apponyi House (mansion) and the Primate's Palace are both recommended.

Posted by Barbara
Brooklyn, NY
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Arrived in Bratislava this morning and have been out walking all day. We went to the Museum of the City History which includes a climb up to the tower (I do love a tower climb to get a great view of the city) and a quick trip up to the castle. tomorrow we plan on walking around, sitting at an outdoor cafe and people watch. We will also visit the Church of St Stephen. It is such a lovely city and the old town is not too big, you can stroll up and down the streets and just enjoy. think of it almost as a relaxing day - no hectic sightseeing. no organized tour needed.

Posted by gkmoore
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We used the Rick Steves's book for Vienna, with day trip information for Bratislava and arranged a tour with Martin Sloboda for the day. He pick due up at the train station and we did a walking/driving tour of the city, and countryside. It was a fabulous tour, and he made the history come to life! I believe he made history for my teenagers easy to grasp, and put a slant relating to today's news and history as well. With 6 weeks in europe and many guides in several of the cities this by far was the best ever! I only wish I had planned two days to enjoy with Martin, instead of the one day trip as advised by the Rick Steve's book. Martin also took us to a local restaurant and we had the 'plate of the day." It was fabulous, if I had a second day, I would have enjoyed exploring a lot more of the countryside and wines that are famous in the region. Martin is a fabulous guide, and if you are in the area, he is well worth spending time with. Enjoy Bratislava, we certainly did!