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Attending a Wedding in Nemsova


I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but someone may be able to give me advice. :)

I will be attending a wedding in Nemsova, Slovakia for a friend of mine (bride). It will be a traditional Slovak wedding. I will be flying in from Atlanta to Paris (about 4 days there) and then fly to the wedding.

My question is, I'm not sure what to give as a gift to my friend and her husband-to-be (who I never met in person before). I will be flying with only carry on luggage so that narrows down what I can bring from ATL. I also don't know what the tradition is for wedding gifts in Slovakia.

If anyone has any advice or information, I will be very grateful!

Thanks in advance!


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Well, I never have attended wedding in Nemsova but I've been at wedding in the village not too far from there. I would bring something which you cannot buy there. Like really nice book with photos of the nature (or cities) of the USA. That's just an example. But something specific from your city, state, country. You can write your congratulations in the book. And another thing - I don't know if it's also custom in Nemsova (pronounced Nemshova). But just in case have some cash with you. At the wedding where I was there is a custom so called hadzanie do kolaca. They go around with a big cake, sing and people are throwing money at the cake. I did not know about it but fortunately I had some money so I threw it there but then I was without money. So just in case.