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Yester Castle

I would love to visit Yester Castle on my upcoming trip but am struggling to find reasonable means of transportation to get there from Edinburgh. I am planning to go to Rosslyn by bus on the same day. I will be by myself for this particular day and don't really want to try to handle a rental car alone (am from US, have driven in Ireland but with a navigator and lots of focus lol). Even if I do rent a car to get there, there doesn't seem to be legal parking within walking distance? Anybody been there? Any tips or should I move on? It looks like the type of place I would love and it's always been in my mind as a place to check out.

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Hi, Jenn,

It looks as though you can park at the Castle Park Golf Course (with permission), if you decide to drive, or you could take a bus or train to Haddington, and take a taxi from there. You can take buses from Edinburgh to Gifford, which would put you near Yester Castle (Goblin Ha'), but you'd have to take three separate buses. You'd then have to walk in from Gifford.

If you're going directly from Rosslyn to Gifford, it would mean two changes of buses - at Musselburgh and Haddington.

Best to drive, or take train/taxi.

Check this one out:

Best wishes!

Mike (Auchterless)

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Yester Castle is 2 hrs one way east on bus 104 or 123 from Edinburgh. Rosslyn Chapel is 36 min one way south from Edinburgh on bus 37. There is no short cut between them; so it seems to be better to take 2 separate trips. I think I agree with Mike about taking the train and a taxi if you really want to see Yester. Rosslyn Chapel is an easy trip. Good Luck!