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Working Sheepdogs in Kincraig

Leault Working Sheep Dogs reopened under new name?
Does anyone know if this working sheepdog farm has reopened for demonstrations?

On Tripadvisor, people are leaving recent reviews (June/July 2023), yet there is no working website to get info, hours, prices, driving instructions, etc.

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The website from Trip Adviasor says 'under construction' although there is a box for getting in touch with them. Have you tried using that?

You could try private messaging some of the reviewers on Trip Advisor and ask them how they contacted Lealt. Click on the reviewers name. At the top right hand side there are three boxes. On the left is Follow on the right is a box with 3 dots. Click on the middle box which is an envelop and that opends a dialogue box you can type your message in.

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Thanks Wasleys. I am always suspicious about giving out my info on sites "under construction". So I will try your tip for the Tripadvisor reviewer's.