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Whiskey Tour From Inverness to Edinburgh - One way


Has anyone booked a whiskey tour from Inverness to Edinburgh; one way? If so what company did you use and would you recommend them? Also would you recommend doing it on your own as opposed to a tour? We are trying to avoid renting a car and of course we will be drinking whiskey:-)

Thank you in advance!


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Hi, Tiffany,

You are going to find it very difficult, and very expensive, to find someone to take you from Inverness on a whisky tour, and then drive you all the way to Edinburgh. You'd probably have to pay for that person's accommodation as well. If you're not planning to rent a car, your best bet would be to take a couple of day tours to the appropriate distilleries, then take a train back to Edinburgh.

Happy imbibing!

Mike (Auchterless)

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In Scotland it is whisky without the 'e'. The Scots do get very uptight about this as whiskey with the 'e' comes from Ireland!

As Mike has pointed out, hiring a driver is going to work out very expensive... Rabbies do a day tours including whisky distilleries from Inverness. Check them out. They get consistently good reviews.

Definitely avoid hiring a car for this as Scotland has very strict drink driving rules.

You will find the different distilleries tours are probably very similar and after a couple you may goi into overload. If you are wanting to sample different whiskies you may do better to find a bar that has a wide range to choose from. The Malt Room in Inverness is a possible. There's even more choice in Edinburgh.

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The way I remember the correct "whisky"/"whiskey" spelling is the fact that Ireland (Eire) contains an "e" while Scotland does not.

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How tipsy do you get? Maybe I'm a lightweight but last time I went on a wine-tasting tour, sipping various vintages, I was pretty toasted after awhile.