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Which Rental Car Agency to Use

Good afternoon! My husband and I are flying into Glasgow from the United States on October 1. We'll be renting a car at the Glasgow airport and dropping it off at the Edinburgh airport. I've read so many different things online as well as in this travel forum. My question is this: which car rental agency is the best to go with? We're familiar with Avis and Hertz and have used them before, but I've also been reading great things about Arnold Clark. Arnold Clark has a US site through which we can also rent.

Your thoughts and recommendations are much appreciated. Thank you!

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We will be renting a car from Celtic Legends which uses Arnold Clark cars. I read somewhere, I think TA, that they are slightly less expensive than booking directly with Arnold Clark. No one seemed to know why. Celtic Legends also price matched the quote I received from Ryan Air. I booked via their website and then confirmed all the details via email. Celtic Legends has been very responsive and helpful. We'll see what happens when we actually pick up the car outside of Glasgow. That is the one possible downside. Arnold Clark is not at the airport. It's a shuttle bus drive away and you have to use the courtesy phone to have them come get you.

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We had good experience with both Enterprise and Hertz. One tip: before you leave Glasgow airport, ask the rental agent (the one in the parking lot who puts you into your car) which signs to follow at the roundabouts leaving the airport campus to get onto the Motorway in your desired direction (presumably north toward the Erskine Bridge, Dumbarton and Loch Lomond?). I think there are 3 roundabouts; at least 2. The signage is not self-explanatory, IMO.

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@epltd Thank you so much for the info! We are headed to Inveraray. Appreciate the info on the roundabouts!