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Which Rabbie's tour?

I'm going to be in Scotland in early November. I've booked one Rabbie's tour departing from Edinburgh to Loch Ness/Glencoe/Rannoch Moor/Fort Augustus/Great Glen/Grampian Mountains/Highland Perthshire. I'd like to book one more. I'll be traveling with my 72-year-old mom, who's got lots of energy but a bad knee. I'd like to book us one other tour. Which one of the following do you all think would be best? (Our other stops on the trip are Glasgow and Stirling, for greater context.)

St. Andrew's and the Fishing Villages of Fife
Alnwick Castle, the Northumberland Coast & the Borders
Outlander Adventure (we're not Outlander watchers, but maybe fun anyway?)
West Highland, Lochs & Castles (maybe too similar to the one already booked?)

Would also be open to other day trip ideas that can be done via public transportation!

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I enjoyed a day trip to St. Andrew's quite a bit when I was in Edinburgh a few years ago. I took public transport, but in these travel times I might be more tempted to take the tour with your Mom.

I am not a golfer, but I enjoyed seeing the courses, walking along the beach (your mom will recognize it from the Chariots of Fire movie), and surprisingly playing the Ladies Putting Association Himalayas course. It is just a small cost and is one step up from mini-golf. I loved the scenery and that fact that I could enjoy golf at St. Andrews.

The restaurant above the golf museum gave a lovely view of the action.

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I would choose
Alnwick Castle, the Northumberland Coast & the Borders.
Alnwick Castle is lovely, and it was a filming location for a Downton Abbey episode, as well as a Harry Potter movie (the scene out in the courtyard in which the kids are learning to fly on broomsticks).

The Northumberland Coast is beautiful, and will be a contrast to your other Rabbie's tour.

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I'd suggest going for the St Andrew's and fishing villages of Fife one. The west highlands one will be very similar to the one you are already doing and if you're not Outlander fans then I'd give that one a miss. As has already been pointed out Alnwick castle won't be open when you are there. And Fife is lovely.

Best wishes
Jacqui (Skyegirl)

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Thanks VAP. Did not know about the closing of Alnwick for the winter.

I think any of the other tours would be fun.
West Highland, Lochs & Castles would be similar to your other tour, BUT you would see different castles, which would be interesting.
I like Skyegirl's suggestion of St Andrews and Fishing Villages of Fife, too.