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Which Premier Inn in Glasgow?

I'll be in Glasgow for a week next July (in July 9, out July 16). A friend will join me for the last 4 nights. I've found decent rates at two air-conditioned Premier Inns and am wondering if anyone with Glasgow experience has a preference. Based on the sights I expect to see and proximity to a downtown Metro station, I don't think there's much to choose between them, but there could be differences in terrain, street noise, variety of restaurants, etc. I'm trying to minimize hill-climbing for the benefit of my friend's knees.

So, what say you? Is there any reason to prefer one over the other?

Glasgow City Centre Buchanan Galleries, 141 West Nile St.

Glasgow City Centre George Square, 187 George Street. (Not actually on George Square.)

I don't consider the rate difference significant over the course of a week, espectially with someone to split the cost of four nights.

Thanks for your comments.

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Hi Acraven, to me there's not much difference between these two (I’ve stayed at the Buchanan Galleries location twice and only know where the George Square one is). Glasgow in this part isn't nearly as hilly as Edinburgh is . . . There is a gradual hill all the way up from Central Station to Buchanan Galleries, btu nothing like the dramatic differences in height between one streeet and the next like there can be in Edinburgh.

I really like the Buchanan Street location. The building from the outside is ugly and 1970s looking, but it's perfectly quite and comfortable inside.

Either hotel is pretty near Buchanan Street bus station if you're taking the bus to/from the airport, although obviously Buchanan galleries is closer; similarly, both are near Queen Street train station if that helps.

I found the buses in Glasgow more useful than the metro, but they don,t make them that easy to figure out!!!

There's also the hotel Grasshoppers right above Central station, which Lola from the Forum recommended to me and which I like very much — a nice independent small hotel. Has three or four steps up from street level to the lobby to catch the elevator (as, come to think of it, does the Buchanan Street Premier Inn.)

You can't go wrong with any of these!

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We found the Buchanan St location very convenient and quiet.

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The Buchanan Galleries location is more in the "center of the action," so there will be less walking to things, but I agree that both should be fine. I didn't check, but from my memory it's also more convenient for buses (again, not by a large margin).

I also agree that the underground is less useful than the buses. I found Google Maps had the Glasgow buses loaded in, so it worked well to guide me on this (it doesn't have every transit system on it). For me, using the day pass on the First buses on some days, and the HOHO bus on some days, was my primary means of transit; I only took a few underground rides. The underground is the fastest way from the centre to the West End, but buses (both HOHO and First) also work fine. Remember that the various bus systems, and the underground system, all use different tickets, and they don't cross-honor each other's tickets. So, once I had a First bus day pass, it was cheapest just to stay with those (and Glaswegians are famous for their thriftiness, so they'd approve of this strategy!).