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Which airport?

My husband and I need to be in Oban for a wedding. Which airport would be recommended - Glasgow or Edinburgh? My husband has never visited Scotland if that should make a difference. We will be in either town a couple days before heading to Oban.

Thank you.

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They are only about an hour apart. It depends on which gets you the best prices/ schedules from your starting point.

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Well, Glasgow is a bit closer to Oban, so unless the flights to Edinburgh are substantially less, I suggest Glasgow.

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Also note that Edinburgh airport has direct bus service to Glasgow every half hour with no changing needed, so it's easy to fly to Edinburgh and go right to Glasgow (or, or your way home, to go right from Glasgow to Edinburgh's airport).

The converse, however, is not true. From Glasgow airport, you have to go into the center of Glasgow, to change to a bus or train to Edinburgh.

Both cities have plenty to do for a few days, but they are as different as Baltimore and Washington DC (two other cities that are close in distance, but not in any other way). If the cost of flights is not a factor, look at Rick's Scotland or Great Britain book, to see if one appeals to you more. Each book has the same excellent chapters on the two cities.

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Are you planning to drive? If so either is as easy especially if you rent a car from the respective airports, about 3 hours drive from Oban. Do not pick up the car until you are leaving the city. In both cases roads are busy and parking is limited and expensive! Public transport is easy.

If you are travelling by public transport to Oban then Glasgow is easier as buses and trains to Oban start here. Edinburgh is only 45 minutes by train to Glasgow or just over an hour by bus, both leaving every 15 minutes so not a big issue. See for long distance buses and for trains.

Just depends on where you prefer to stay and how your flights work out.