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Where to stay on Mull

I am going to Scotland with my adult daughter and my mother next May. After Edinburgh I want to go to Fort William (via Stirling) to see Glen Coe and then move on to Mull for 3 nights. I was thinking of staying in Tobermorey, but I want to see Iona which is a 2-hour drive one way. Any suggestions for other places to stay? Any recommendations for Fort William?

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I've been to Mull twice and stayed at B&B's in Fionnphort which is a very pretty place indeed. I don't care for Tobermory, although that's just my opinion. Others may not agree.

Fionnphort is the best place to stay if you want to visit Iona and the ferry terminal is there. You cannot take a car on the ferry to Iona and must cross as foot passengers. You can also take a day trip to Staffa (Fingal's Cave) and the Treshnish Isles.

I'd book accommodation in advance in Fionnphort and there are a number of places to choose from. Just have a look at on line reviews and see what takes your fancy or what other people recommend. My last visit was in 2006 and I'm not up to date with what's available there now.

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Salen, or around there, is centrally located and would make for a shorter drive to Iona than going from Tobermorey (1 hr 8 mn vs. 1 hr 41 mn according to a mileage site I looked at). Having said that, my wife and I liked Tobermorey so much that we were happy to stay near it when we visited Mull. True, it was a longish drive to Iona, but so beautiful that we just enjoyed the drive as part of the day. We even took the long way to Iona, via Calgary, to see more of the coast; this route is incredibly scenic if you don't mind some fairly slow going, with lots of sheep in or near the road.

That island is just gorgeous, as is Iona. Have a great trip :-)

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Tobermory is probably the best place simply because of choices of places to stay. We stayed just outside. If Iona is somewhere you want to go, perhaps somewhere around Fionnphort, Bunesan or possibly over on Iona itself.

Though the main road from Tobermory to Fionnphort is about two hours, it is not a bad drive. This is the one the long way round, however most of it is single track. The shorter road cutting down the middle can be fun, hair raising or both.

Also staying at Tobermory and the north coast makes visiting Duart castle easier.

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Hi Kirby,
We're going in June of '17 and also looked at Tobermory, but decided to stay further south in Gruline at Barn Cottage and Stables(just west of Salen) out in the countryside. So a day trip to Tobermory & Calgary Bay. Decent access to the Iona ferry and for our Turus Mara(Fingal's Cave on Staffa and Lunga puffin watching) boat tour which leaves from Ulva ferry.

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Thanks for the great advice. I hadn't thought of staying near or on Iona and then changing to Tobermorey.

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i stayed in Tobermory and would recommend it. It's a beautiful drive down to Fionnphort. I was able to get down there early enough to take the two island tour, which I recommend. The Isle of Staffa and Fingal's Cave is great and you have plenty of time on Iona. I was back in Tobermory in time for dinner around 7 PM. I had dinner at the Mish one night and at the Western Isles Hotel another night. I took that tour 15 years ago this September 11.

I stayed in Spean Bridge one time rather than Fort William. It was smaller a bit less touristy.