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Where to Golf in Scotland

We're 2 couple that will be in Scotland for the better part of 2 weeks in early August. The guys want to golf at least once. We will begin in Edinburgh (without car) and then train to either Stirling or St. Andrews to pick up car outside of the large cities and loop around the Scotland in either direction. Other stops will include a few days on Skye, maybe a night or 2 in Glencoe/Oban area and a couple of nights in the Inverness area. I figure that it will be easier for the guys to drive to the course outside busy traffic areas and it should be a course in an area that we are spending the night. I am figuring the Inverness or St. Andrews area would be the best (correct me if i'm wrong) since we girls would be left without the car and therefore may be able to find a day trip somewhere, or at least in a town in which we could explore on foot. (we are not going to drive, so can't drop the guys off). I know there are tons out there, but does anyone have a recommendation of a course that would welcome visitors that does not have handicap restrictions. I'm sure Skye area would be another good choice, but that would leave the girls stranded without a car. (unless there is something that we can do without a car)

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There is more than just the Old Course at St Andrews, which is fully booked for the 2019 season. The New Course and others appear to be open. The New Course is about 125 years old, next to the Old Course. There are plenty of other courses at St Andrews as well.

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We stayed in St. Andrews last year and my husband played at Carnoustie while I remained behind. The town was very walkable and there was more than enough to keep me entertained. There are a multitude of courses around St. Andrews. I’m not sure about handicap restrictions at them. I do know that he booked his tee time months in advance. We stayed at a bed and breakfast that was located very close to the Old Course and other sights, so it was perfect for both of our interests. B&Bs also book up months in advance, so you would be wise to find a place ASAP. We actually had an establishment booked that I had confirmed several times. Two months later they canceled claiming there had been a “glitch” in their system. I suspect they received a request from a group of golfers who needed an additional room, so they canceled our single. We had to locate another place which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. One suggestion...the Old Course is closed on Sunday, so if you can be there on that day, they offer tours and then you can walk the course. That was a bucket list item for my husband.

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Thank you Sam,

I did see all the other St. Andrews course but I don't think one of the guys (or both) meets the handicap requirements or will be able to produce verification. :(
The four of us will play on the Himalays course however.

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St Andrews makes sense, neither Crail or Elie likely have HC restrictions and would be good moderate priced choices, as would either Lunden and Levin Links. A big ticket local would be Kingsbarns.

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Thank you all for those great ideas. I look into those.

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Hi, Cindy,

Kingsbarns, near St. Andrews, has no handicap restrictions. The guys could drop you off in St. Andrews, play their round at Kingsbarns, and come back to pick you up. Kingsbarns is one of the most expensive courses in Scotland, however.

Royal Aberdeen is another good one. You could get dropped off in town - there's plenty to do - and then get picked up later.

Stonehaven is another good one - a beautiful course, perched on the edge of the North Sea - and a short walk into town.

There are 500 golf courses in Scotland - you're bound to find one that works for all of you!


Mike (Auchterless)