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Where do I find updates on travel advisories to Scotland?


I was supposed to be in Scotland right now for a long holiday and clearly that hasn't happened.

With the pandemic, everyone's lives and livelihoods have been upset and it's unfortunate that it has been so damaging for everyone.

I reached out to all the B&B owners and cancelled or made arrangements for when I will come next year. They have been all gracious and accommodating and it is a testament to the good nature of the people of Scotland that this has been very smooth to occur.

However, the few hotels that I booked at have been another story. One has refused a refund even though they were not even open at the time for the reservation, another has now said that they would provide a refund when they are back open (as if there is nobody able to perform those functions right now at all, which I find highly doubtful) and a third has not responded IN ANY MANNER for the last two months. Emails, phone, nothing works.

As I work through this, I don't know what the actual timeline is for opening up the hotel, etc. Can anyone give me a website with the current rules/status of the industry per the government directives? I could understand that a very small hotel might close up and nobody do anything with it for 3 months, but I can't believe that it makes any sense to do that because they require maintenance and there should be at least a skeleton crew at the facility because when it opens back up, they will want to be able to accommodate travelers as fast as possible.

One thing is for sure, I won't be booking with these companies when I re-plan the trip for next year (assuming we will be out of the woods by then).

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I know it is frustrating and I can't fully answer your question, but what you seek may not solve your dissatisfaction.
I have been waiting over 3 months for a refund from a major cruise line. I have had to learn patience as I am not the only client. Imagine the difficulty for a smaller hotel that may have had to lay off staff during the time, and really can't provide repayment until after they open again and have hired staff. This thing has been a major problem for business accounting of large and small enterprises. Whether the hotels are 'open' or not, it doesn't mean they have the money to return to you - yet.
If you used a credit card, there may be an allowance to ask them to credit you as the hotel failed to provide the service. If these were non-refundable prepaid hotels, well, 'non-refundable' says it. Sadly, many (both business and client) will be out of pocket during this unprecedented times.
Hopefully you will book directly with lodgings for next year and all have refundable dates to within a few days of arrival.

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Scotland is currently at Phase 2 of their route map. Relaxation of restrictions on accommodation providers is due in Phase 3

Overview here

Official info here

You might find this helpful (or not) regarding refunds it’s aimed at UK consumers but it might be of interest trying to obtain refunds.

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You might also want to check VisitScotland. They will be specifically tracking for tourism. In terms of refunds, I would expect it to take a long time. They may have staff, but It is very likely that they have a huge cash flow problem. Big organizations are struggling with this. I am sales and we’re doing better in my division than the really draconian horrible forecast, but another division is really struggling. I know of major organizations who cannot pay their suppliers. It is not easy.

Here is another link on VisitScotland about online travel. You might email VisitScotland directly and ask for advice. Their contact info is at the bottom of the web page.