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wheel chair hire in Edinburgh

We'll be in Edinburgh for 4 days later this month. One mobility outfit wants min. 14 day rental for 98 BPS. Nearest Red Cross is 26 miles away and doesn't deliver. Any suggestions?

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I assume you are refering to this website? it seems that the minimum hire condition is based on the cost of 'free' delivery and collection. Basically the hire cost covers the convenience of having the wheelchair delivered to you...

Quoting them:
"Most products have a "Minimum Number Of Days Hire". If the "Minimum Number Of Days Hire" for a product is 7 then the minimum price for that product is 7 days hire. Often this is because of delivery costs when delivery is free.

For example if a product's "Minimum Number Of Days Hire" is 7 days and you enter 3 days on your date selection, the hire price will be set as 7 days hire when you click on the Get Quote button. This will show as 7 to highlight it is not the number of days selected. Please Note: The arrival and departure dates you select will not change. The supplier will deliver and collect according to your selected arrival and departure dates. "

Googling has thrown up Glenmore Mobility who also hire wheelchairs in Edinburgh. They do a minimum 2 day rental at a charge of £39 per week but charge extra for delivery and collection (£18 each way).

Invictus also seem to arrange wheelchair hire in Edinburgh, have you tried them and is there the same problem?

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You could join an Edinburgh community facebook page, and ask if there is anyone on it who could lend or rent you one.
Promise them gifts from your hometown!
Sorry, I don't know of any such groups, but I'm sure you could look on FB and find them.

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There is a world wide group called Buy Nofhing. They are on facebook. Our local group here in Pennsylvania has had requests for wheelchair loan as well as crutches etc for a temporary basis. You are not allowed to pay anything for these items. Try them by looking them up on the internet. Also maybe the place you are staying would be able to get you the number of local pharmacies that may do rentals. There also is a store called Glenmore in Edinburgh that I think rents by the day for medical needs.